Reconnect to your inner spiritual guidance so that you can live a fulfilling  life, not on autopilot, with Dorota, Mind and Soul Coach, guiding you over a 9-week journey within.

"When You Begin to Tune into Your Inner Guidance, Questions and Judgement, Start to Shift to Awareness of Self."

A desire for change struck the match and brought you here, at the beginning of your 9-week journey within, one in which you choose to reconnect to your inner spiritual guidance so that you can live a fulfilling life as you will understand and embrace your power and, not be on autopilot.

Life has its own flow to it.

There is constant flow to the energy of life. When you're out of sync with inner guidance, it's very easy to slip into autopilot, surveying popular opinion and feeling like your external environment constantly triggers you. 

Peace feels elusive and is replaced with questioning why life keeps repeating old lessons and patterns.  

Feelings of being stuck in your life. Unfulfilled in your relationships, friendships, and work. You desire more yet aren't clear on your direction because you've disconnected from your inner guidance. 

If you want different outcomes, you need to be willing to take a chance on yourself to access mentors, tools, and opportunities that support your highest good.

Spiritual mentorship allows understanding and awareness to unfold over 9-weeks in a non-judgemental space that keeps you accountable to your vision for your life, one you're co-creating with your inner guidance.

In our time together, over the next nine weeks, we will deepen your awareness of self so that you can access the self-trust, self-integrity, self-love and self-respect that lies within. These become the cornerstones of your vision that drive you forward.

Each session is customized to your personal needs and desires to heal the root cause to craft a vision that supports you.

Some of the topics we may cover throughout our time together, depending on your personal needs, include, but are not limited to:
✅ How to connect to others to experience more fulfilling relationships with family, friends and romantic partners. 
✅ How to intuitively set energetic boundaries that guide and support your interactions with others and yourself.
✅ How to reconnect to your intuition and use it to support and guide you in your everyday moments and decision-making. 
✅ Deepening self-awareness leads to self-trust, self-integrity, self-love and self-respect so that you have a strong foundation on which to build your vision.
✅ You will begin to decondition autopilot behaviour in your everyday moments so that you can recondition yourself to fulfillment and connection to your deeper self. 
✅ You will begin to understand your energy and how to honour and work with it, not against it. 
✅ You will learn to release your emotions so that they no longer control you. 
Weekly accountability and me as your mentor to walk alongside you, shining the light so that you may move forward in your self-understanding.

Enjoy newfound confidence that is grounded and rooted in your awareness and intuition.

You are worthy of this time to reconnect to your inner guidance and intuition so that you can say goodbye to autopilot and hello, to a fulfilled life, one you choose to consciously co-create. 
You deserve to feel energized and rejuvenated, not depleted at the end of each day.
More present to your everyday moments, and how to set boundaries that support your energy. 
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