There is no "I" in TEAM

Who am I?

At the simplest level, I am Dorota.  

I was born in Poland into a large family.  I have always felt, seen and heard spirit from the time I was very young, in fact I dont' remember anything different.  When I was young, it may have felt more like a curse to have always had emotions and feelings from spirit that may not have been my own, but as I grew I learned the differences between what was Spirit and who I was - which ultimately changed this to be a blessing and true Gift.  

My journey though life has been up and down, but that journey has helped me to understand my purpose with and for this very Gift.  Giving a part of me though helping with Spirit has allowed me to help others and also teach others how to find their spiritual journey and in essence, paying it forward though mentoring and teaching.


There is no "I" in Team.  I didn't journey alone, and walking a Spiritual Path is no different to me.  

I truly believe that realizing our full potential means including others in that journey.  From the time that I began teaching, I have met many wonderful beautiful souls.  Some have gone on and some continue to walk this path with me.  On this journey, one value continues to ring true.  Likeminded souls, will always walk together.

 - Our Team - 


Becky has also walked a Spiritual journey since she was a child.  As an adult, Becky embraced her Gift by learning and educating herself about her gifts.  Learning and working with Dorota through various workshops and events, Becky has strengthed an undeniable gift and connection with Spirit.  Becky works with Past Loved Ones, The Divine and Spirit Guides to connect with Spirit.


John is a Husband and Father of two grown children who happens to have a wonderfully developed gift.  As an Intuitive Coach, and as a Wellness, Life & Healing Journeyer he is able to really help others.  He also happens to be an Author, Blogger, Meditator and Cottager, who with all these wonderful combined skills and gifts, is looking to spread his wings and let his light shine brightly. 


Emylee is the creator of "Spirit Roots Company"!  She is interested in all things metaphysical and has built her life around the crystal world.  She is very connected to the spiritual realms, and pairs her psychic abilities with gemstones to pass messages, healing, and guidance through from the other side.  Her gemstone readings and healings aide in encouraging people to be the best version of themselves. Emylee also offers meditation services for groups, and classes based on teaching others the amazing uses behind gemstones.  Emylee's abilities and services include, Crystal Jewellery, Teaching Crystal Reiki, Crystal Readings, and leads Crystal Classes and Meditations.


Veronica is a Wife and Mother of two beautiful children.  Veronica works with Angels and is an Intuitive Reader.  She also is a designer and creater of handmade Intention Bracelets.  As an Intuitive she is able to connect with Angels which allows her to provide helpful Readings and as well connects with past loved ones.  


Robin is a Reiki Master who has great working and practical knowledge of Chakras.  She is an Intuitive Reader who provides meditation circles and many educational workshops.  She is passionate about Wellness, Mind and Body and loves to help people suceed in these areas.

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